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How A 'Nobody's' Quest for Change Moves a Nation for Freedom

Defiance is the soon to come memoir that tells the inside story of how Evan Mawarire a 'small-time pastor' from Zimbabwe started a movement that eventually helped oust the brutal dictator Robert Mugabe. Evan traces his journey of speaking truth to power as an ordinary unknown citizen who becomes an international advocate for change. His account of his arrests, torture and treason trial is beautifully woven and is both heart breaking and empowering.

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I saw Mugabe wreck a democracy. The Jan. 6 hearings matter — a lot.

As members of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6., 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol hold televised hearings, it might be easy for many people to ignore the proceedings, chalking them up to Washington infighting. That’s understandable — millions of Americans are dealing with more immediate, pressing concerns, such as spiking inflation and chronic gun violence.

Navalny’s stand shows Putin a new generation of freedom seekers are no longer prepared to flee

Ever since news broke of Alexey Navalny’s arrest and subsequent imprisonment by the Russian government, one question I have heard frequently was, “Why did he go back?”

Navalny had previously survived an assassination attempt by poisoning from the Russian government which it denies, and then recovered in a safe foreign country, so why would he go back to Russia?

Robert Mugabe’s Legacy of Broken Souls

There can be no mixed feelings, misconceptions or complications about Robert Mugabe’s legacy. He presided over the destruction of millions of people’s lives over a span of 37 years. Some he murdered in cold blood, others it was a slow roast and for many it was a silent death as they lived in fear of upsetting the brutal ruler that was Robert Mugabe.

Leading Through Change: Lessons from a Citizen's Movement

In this article, Evan Mawarire shares the leadership lessons he learned from leading a citizen's movement. He offers insights into how to inspire and motivate people to work towards a common goal, even in the face of adversity. Click here to read now.

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